At Value Associates we offer an integrated approach to Business Transformation by addressing the most important issues in your company. Our experts come with invaluable experience in operational performance improvement, project and programme management, business strategy and international expansions and change management.  This expertise helps us deliver in-depth analysis, improvement recommendations and hands-on implementation.


By addressing Business Transformation in these core areas, we deliver significant cost reduction and revenue enhancement. Our level of intervention can be tailored from just a quick assessment and recommendation to a full-fledged implementation where we provide extensive change management and PMO support so that your business can continue to focus on its daily operations while we ensure a smooth internal transition towards the new vision.

Operational Performance Improvement

We employ a three step approach that ensures an in-depth problem solving and comprehensive improvement of a company’s operations.

Business Process Reengineering

  • Process mapping (AS-IS)
  • Process optimizing (TO-BE)
  • Implementation of the TO-BE vision

Management Operating System

  • Long-term forecasting, budgeting and planning processes
  • Process controls (assign, variances, non-conformances)
  • Process interface management
  • Performance tracking and reporting – KPIs, Dashboards, Scorecards.

Organizational design and empowerment

  • Organizational redesign
  • Incentive systems design
  • Culture review
  • Training
  • Coaching

Change Management


We manage the softer aspects of change as part of our project management assignments.

Change strategy

  • Change plan design
  • Stakeholders management
  • Communication strategy

Change training

  • Training sessions for the implementation of new processes and systems
  • General change management training
  • Change games and team-building sessions


  • Change curve management
  • Individual one to one coaching
  • Coaching for entrepreneurs

Strategy and International Expansions

We look at market dynamics and the company’s current strategy so we can derive business development or expansion opportunities.

Strategic analysis

  • Market and growth prospects analysis
  • Competitor review
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Key success factors in the targeted markets

Business development

  • Assessment of routes to market
  • Development of strategic marketing plan
  • Review of sales performance
  • Account management strategy

Geographical expansions

  • Expansion assessment
  • Development of expansion strategy
  • Business Plan
  • Implementation of expansion strategy

Project and Programme Management


We undertake to manage complex projects and programmes to deliver value for our clients.

Project Set up

  • Project Governance set up
  • Project base lining
  • Cost benefit analysis and KPI set up

Project management 

  • Project monitoring and controlling 
  • AGILE methodologies
  • Risk management

Project portfolio management

  • Programme governance set up
  • Project evaluation and prioritisation
  • PMO

Targeted digital interventions

Value Associates also offer targeted digital interventions, including training and mentoring in Agile delivery, GDPR and security guidance, and technical due diligence. More details on these are below.

Agile methodologies - training and mentoring

We baseline your agile teams' capability, identify training and mentoring needs then deliver and monitor maturity and sentiment to enable transformational results.


With over 15 years working with agile methodolgies we use proven techniques to:

  • Baseline agile team capability and raise team's self awareness of challenges and successes
  • Develop and gain buy in to a capability roadmap that addresses areas for improvement in a structured manner
  • Deliver accessible training to raise confidence and capability of your agile teams
  • Observe agile ceremonies and integrate with your agile teams as appropriate to amplify value and results
  • Introduce sustainable monitoring techniques for you to maintain awareness of agile delivery success
  • Provide materials for standard sets of non-functional user stories (with acceptance criteria) covering areas such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR conformance and security threat assessments

We have extensive knowledge of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and can work with you to implement a plan for conformance to the new european-wide legislation.

We can also analyse cyber-security threats to your technical architectures and provide an action plan for your applications and products to mitigate such threats using industry standard tools and methodologies.

Technical Due Diligence - for technology investors

Technical due diligence is the essential process of reviewing software IP and the development team that created it,  to understand its completeness and quality.  If software IP is at the core of your next investment, don’t leave things to chance.

Through execution of deep technical due diligence prior to closure of your investment, you will:

  • Validate the IP is what the investee has stated it is in terms of completeness and quality 
  • Ensure the most favourable financial terms for you as an investor
  • Eliminate risk of costly, hidden surprises that may materialise post investment as a result of poor technology choices and team process
  • Empower your investee’s management team for success
  • Assure return on your investment

Learn more and request our whitepaper on our dedicated Technical Due Diligence page.